Homeboy Wore Combat Boots to the Beach

Tonight, The Hills–the defining cultural artifact of the mid-2000s–is ultimately returning to tv with a new season titled The Hills: New Beginnings. The aughts are modern-day again! In case you forgot or are too younger to have ever watched inside the first vicinity, The Hills turned into a display that added legions of teenage ladies to the workings of the style enterprise through our omnipresent narrator Lauren “LC” Conrad. It wasn’t precisely sensible (in what universe do interns get to go to Paris for fashion week?). Still, the collection’s Teen Vogue-adjoining putting stimulated thousands of internship packages and became its stars into fashion icons. The show is synonymous with the technology’s foremost trends: bubble attire, going-out tops, low-upward thrust jeans, trojan horse-eyed shades, pre-Blair Waldorf headbands, extensive waist belts, etc. And so, in honor of the show’s revival, we are looking back at some of its most iconic fashion moments—and to be honest, a decade later, they nonetheless keep up! To quote the sage-like Justin Bobby, “fact and time tell all.”

Lauren Conrad Flat-Ironing Her Outfit

Combat Boots to the Beach

On the pilot of The Hills, Lauren Conrad becomes instructed to return to Teen Vogue for an interview hours earlier than it becomes scheduled. As she rushed to get geared up, she made an inspired choice a long time earlier than Buzzfeed could call a lifehack: she flat-ironed her outfit to dispose of wrinkles. It matches her pin-instantly hair! Ah, 2005.

LC and Whitney’s First Day at Teen Vogue

In the pilot episode, LC and Whitney Port launched into their intern adventure collectively at Teen Vogue’s Los Angeles office. They nervously regarded each other up and down before forming an enduring bond in their faux closet office. And there has been a lot to take a look at! Both sported seems that appear immediately from Robinson Boulevard, clothes symbolic of the technology. Whitney wore a red eyelet toddler doll get dressed with a widespread brown belt on the waist, pairing it with a large brown leather satchel. And Lauren’s outfit became so 2005 it hurts white bootcut denim with a beige going-out-pinnacle dripping with sequin paillettes.

The Dress LC Ruined in Paris

Lauren Conrad might also forever be called “the girl who didn’t go to Paris,” but she did sooner or later make it to the City of Lights. When in town with Whitney to work on the Crillon Ball, an event for global debutants, Lauren has whisked away with the aid of a French hottie on a motorcycle (Conrad eventually admitted that the interaction turned into completely staged and that she didn’t even like the man). LC and Whitney were loaned Alberta Ferretti robes for the occasion, and Lauren controlled to smash hers with an errant curling iron. As in step with normal, Whitney stored the day via managing to convince the Ferretti to keep the manager from coughing up any other gown.

The Dress Whitney Tripped Over on Good Morning America

In every other, definitely ordinary, common intern interest, Whitney regarded Good Morning America for a phase celebrating famed attire worn to the Academy Awards. Whitney was given Hilary Swank’s backless Guy Laroche robe from the 2005 ceremony. And she tripped over it! A very rare screw-up.

Heidi and LC’s New Year’s Eve Outfits

Heidi and LC rang in 2006 epically disastrously (masses of tears). But they seemed so harmless even as getting equipped for the evening! Look at Lauren’s big curls and Heidi’s era-suitable chihuahua.

LC’s Headbands

LC wore so many headbands over the path of the run of the show: hard headbands, gentle headbands, braided headbands, headscarves, gilded headbands, headbands that stood stiff and sturdy against massive bump-its. Eat your heart out, Gossip Girl.

Justin Bobby’s Combat Boots at the Beach

Homeboy wore fight boots to the seashore. He genuinely did! Though it wasn’t his fault: in an interview years later, Justin Bobby Brescia defined why he wore such sweaty shoes to a time-out with the aid of the sea. “Me showing up in fight boots and stuff to the beach is simply because they called me on my off day and asked me to shoot some scenes virtually, and I became with my boys driving Harleys,” he told Us Weekly. He also maintained that a scene wherein he abandoned Audrina at a seaside residence without an experienced domestic was completely staged. It nonetheless made for remarkable television.

Spencer Pratt’s Tie-Dye and Crystals

When this episode aired, fanatics had thought the long-villainized but vaguely sane Spencer had officially misplaced his marbles. But retrospectively, the man changed into so ahead of the curve! Crystals are so trendy now. And the tie-dye! Spencer Pratt is a genius.

The Blue Dresses

Blue Dresses

The mid-season finale of season 5 of The Hills becomes epic. Spencer and Heidi, in the end, had the televised wedding ceremony in their goals, and Lauren Conrad exited the show. LC confirmed as much as made properly with Heidi, clad in a blue dress. She makes up with her former friend, wishes her pleasant, and leaves. Enter her alternative, Kristin Cavallari, who manufacturers clad in a get dressed within specific identical coloration of blue. Visual poetry.