Lyft drivers can take unfastened Duolingo language publications

Lyft is stepping up its motive force perks game with a flow out of Uber’s playbook.

Uber started out providing loyal, high-acting drivers loose training for online courses in the direction of a diploma at Arizona State University in 2018, and now its experience-hailing competitor is offering an extra-curricular training alternative for its drivers.

Starting Tuesday, Lyft is supplying its driver’s language publications on famous app Duolingo.

Drivers in Seattle, Houston, Chicago, Miami, New York City, and New Jersey can sign up through Lyft’s motive force app for a loose model of Duolingo Plus, a premium model of the platform which usually fees $7 in step with month for eighty courses in more than 30 languages. Duolingo additionally gives a loose, ad-supported app.

After completing a Duolingo direction in English, drivers obtain a digital certification, which may be used as proof of skillability and is well-known at 500 universities and task possibilities inside the U.S. About ninety percent of Lyft drivers work for the organization for 20 hours or less every week and are pursuing other jobs and education programs.

In Seattle, Houston, and Chicago drivers can also join up for the National Immigration Forum’s in man or woman and online class software, “Skills and Opportunity for the New American Workforce,” over a six-week duration to learn English.

After completing the trainer-led course, drivers are offered a certificate of completion. This path has a greater formal structure compared to Duolingo, which can be finished at a motive force’s personal tempo. Mike Masserman, Lyft’s head of social impact, told Mashable that Duolingo is “truly bendy” for drivers.

Most Lyft drivers across the U.S. Talk English, Spanish, and/or Chinese. Masserman said that there is a massive need for the language publications within the using network, especially for professional development. Uber’s separate application indexed English as a Second Language as one among its maximum popular has a look at packages at ASU.

Uber and Lyft classify drivers as unbiased contractors, so drivers don’t acquire unwell days, medical insurance, or different benefits through the journey-hailing platforms. But drivers do have to get right of entry to to perks like those language publications and different rewards.

For Lyft drivers to access the free language courses they have to have completed at the least 30 rides inside the past 30 days. “We want this to be an expansive offering, Masserman said.

Eventually, the pilot should increase to different towns if the demand is as robust as Lyft anticipates.

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