Rajasthan PTET Result 2019

Rajasthan PTET Result 2019 end result for Pre-Teacher Education Test (PTET) 2019 these days (May 30).

The Rajasthan PTET Result 2019, Rajasthan B.Ed Result 2019, Rajasthan BSc B.Ed Result 2019, Rajasthan BA Result 2019 will be posted via 3 pm at the Government Dungar College’s internet site ptet2019.Org. However, until now, there is no professional affirmation from the Government Dungar College, Rajasthan regarding time and date for statement of Rajasthan PTET Result 2019.

The country stage 2019 Pre-Teacher Education Test (PTET) Entrance Exam turned into conducted on May 12 in paper pen take a look at the layout. A hyperlink for downloading of Rajasthan PTET Result 2019 is to be soon hosted at the Dungar College’s homepage. Further, merit listing in PDF report can also be downloaded as soon as the B.Ed Result 2019, Rajasthan BSc B.Ed Result 2019; Rajasthan BA Result 2019 is out.

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